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12-10-2023 IRIS Connect - Year 5 Pandas Class

12th October 2023

IRIS Connect – Year 5


Dear Parents/Carers,


This letter provides information about the use of IRIS Connect in the classroom. 


IRIS is designed to improve primary school teachers’ use of dialogue and feedback through using video technology for collaborative teacher development with a view to improving academic outcomes for pupils. It is based around a video technology system (IRIS Connect) which enables teachers to record, edit, and comment on teaching and learning.


In order to support our new teachers, we would like to use IRIS Connect in the Year 5 Pandas class.    The focus of these video recordings will be on the teacher rather than on the pupils in the classroom, though the children may be visible on camera at times.  The videos can only be accessed by the teachers’ mentors on the IRIS Connect platform. IRIS Connect never shares classroom videos with any third party. 


IRIS Connect does not enable the downloading of video content from the platform by default. IRIS Connect has developed its platform to make it the safest and most secure environment for teachers to participate in video-based CPD.


We expect that the use of this system in the classroom will support the professional development of the teachers in school and that this will improve the experiences of your children in school.


If you have further questions, these may be answered by clicking on the IRIS link provided here:  If you have any other questions or concerns, or if you would like to view the equipment before it is used in class, please speak to the lead mentor in school, Mrs Greggor. 


We realise that it can be difficult to sign and return permission slips.  We are therefore only asking you to inform the school if there is a problem with your child being in the classroom while this technology is in use.  If there is any problem with your child being in the classroom while the IRIS system is in use, please inform the school office by Monday 16th October 2023. 


Thank you for your continued support.



Kind Regards


Mrs Greggor (Assistant Headteacher)