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07-10-2021 Year 5 - Greek Day

7th October 2021


Year 5: Ancient Greek Day


Dear Parent/Carer,


In Year 5 this term our topic is ‘The Ancient Greeks’.  As a way of providing your child with the best opportunity to increase and celebrate their knowledge and understanding of Ancient Greek life, we will be holding an Ancient Greek Day on Wednesday 20th October 2021.


‘History off the Page’ are providing us with a day of hands-on workshops, to show us how the Ancient Greeks lived and what everyday life would have been like.  During the day, your child will (through role-play) experience life as it would be living in the year 430 BC in the city-state of Sparta, on the eve of the Peloponnesian War. The children will have the opportunity to further explore events, issues and beliefs of the time, including:


• Spartan life and beliefs

• Sparta’s warrior culture

• Spartan training practices, which start at age 7

• The Olympic Games

• Contrasts between Sparta and Athens, including how they relate with one another.


Your child will be using authentic tools and materials whenever possible to learn skills as apprentices in a wide variety of cross-curricular workshops. By the end of the day, they will have a really good idea of how it felt like to be a Spartan child at this pivotal date in history.


To add to the authenticity of the day we would like all the children to arrive at school wearing a simple Ancient Greek outfit.  Suggestions for costumes can be found on or there is a suggestion of simple costumes on the document at the top of the page. 


This activity will take place during normal school hours and your child can follow their usual lunchtime routine. As it is taking place within school no specific parental permission will be needed.  


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Gelling, Mrs McCart, Mr Taylor and Mrs Water

Year 5 Teachers