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20-05-2021 Year 6 Production Information

20th May 2021


Year 6 Production


Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to you as we are now moving forward with our Year 6 production: Pirates of the Curry Bean. The children are incredibly excited to be given this opportunity and are looking forward to beginning rehearsals.


Currently, Tigers and Toucans have joined bubbles to form cast one and Chameleons and Ocelots have joined together to form cast two. Due to the unique situation of having two casts, we have set preliminary dates for shows on Tuesday 13th July for cast one and Wednesday 14th July for cast two.


We will aim to perform two shows on each day, one in the morning and one in the evening giving everyone the chance to come and watch their child(ren) perform.


We cannot yet confirm the dates, times and numbers allowed to attend due to Covid restrictions. If we are unable to go ahead with live shows, we will record the performance and share this with you.


As soon as we can confirm arrangements, we will write to you again.

Kind regards,



Mr Robin Johnson

UKS2 Phase Lead