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30-06-2021 EYFS Tractor Visit and Trailer Ride

30th June 2021


EYFS - Tractor Visit and Trailer Ride


Dear Parents/Carers,



As part of the curriculum enrichment experiences we are providing for our EYFS children, I am delighted to tell you about an event taking place next week. We are fortunate to have a visitor coming into school to see the children.  He will be visiting us on Friday 9th July 2021 and will provide an opportunity for the children to look at his tractor. He has also kindly said that he will allow the children to ride in the trailer which I’m sure will be a highlight for the children!


If you do not wish your child to ride in the tractor/trailer, please can you inform the school using the telephone number/email at the top of this letter by Wednesday 7th July 2021.


Staff will take photographs to share with you on Tapestry.


Thank you for your support.




Mrs Pycroft

EYFS Phase Leader