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21-06-2021 Year 6 Picnic and Celebration

21st June 2021


Year 6 Picnic and Celebration


Dear Parents/Carers,


We invite you to join us on Tuesday 20th July at 1:30pm on the KS2 field where you will be able to share a picnic with your child, listen to them sing some songs from the production and share some of their favourite memories from Whitehouse. There will also be an opportunity for you to take photos of them at the end of day before they go home at 3:10.


Please note the children will be able to book a pick and mix option for their lunch which they can take outside with them, or you are welcome to bring in a packed lunch for you and your child.


In addition to this, we invite the children to bring in a spare school t-shirt or shirt that you are happy for them to get signed in school by their friends. Unfortunately, we cannot supply them with specific fabric pens so children may wish to bring in their own. Please ensure they do not bring permanent markers in.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please note we are having to limit this event to two adults per child and would ask you to please return the slip below if you plan on attending. 


We look forward to seeing you to celebrate your child’s time at Whitehouse.



Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Johnson / Mr Moore / Mr Taylor / Mrs Hawkins / Miss Siddall

Year 6 Teachers



Child: ________________________________               Class: _____________________________


Please note *1 adult / 2 adults (*delete as appropriate) will be attending the Year 6 Picnic and Celebration.


Signed: ____________________________________________