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13-07-2021 Year 6 Chameleons and Ocelots Performance

13th July 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Ocelots and Chameleons ONLY


As you know, the performances of The Pirates of the Curry Bean will be performed at 9:00am and 4:30pm on Monday 19th. The children are looking forward to showing you the outcome of all their hard work.


For the morning performance, can we ask that children arrive to school in their costumes.  They will be able to continue to wear them throughout the day.


For the evening performance, please could children be back at school for 4:00pm in their costume so that they can get prepared for the show. We expect the evening performance to finish by 6:00pm.  Please indicate below who will be collecting your child after the event so we can ensure everyone’s safety.


Many thanks for your continued support.




Yours sincerely,


Mr Johnson / Miss Siddall / Mr Moore / Mr Taylor / Mrs Hawkins

Year six teachers


# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Please return this slip to the class teacher.


Name of child _______________________________


On Monday,  my child will be collected by ____________________________ at 6:00pm


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