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03-11-2022 - Year 3 and 4 - Recycling Items Needed

Thursday 3rd November 2022


Dear Parent / Carer,


Appeal for Recycled Material for Global Citizenship Day on Friday 25th November 2022

As part of its Rights Respecting School journey, Whitehouse is organising a “Global Citizenship Day” based on real stories aimed at raising pupils’ awareness of the range of challenges children of their age face around the world.


Part of the day will involve your child making things out of recycled material and we need your help in collecting enough resources to make this possible on the day.


To make guitars we require:


  • tissue boxes, or small cereal box with an oval hole cut in the front
  • lolly sticks
  • long cardboard tube (for example from a roll of foil or baking paper)
  • Elastic bands of different sizes and thicknesses
  • buttons, ribbons or other decorations


To make drums we require:


  • balloons
  • ring-pull tin cans (being careful to check for sharp edges) or a cardboard gravy container – clean and with the packaging removed
  • paper straws


If you can help with any of the above, please ask your child to bring the items to school and give them to either Mr Joscelyne or Miss Jaspal.


Thank you very much in advance for your kind cooperation with this.

Mme Godet   

Mme Godet                                                            

Enrichment and Community Engagement Coordinator

Joint Rights Respecting School Lead