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05-10-2023 Year 3 Ipswich Mosque Trip

5th October 2023

Mosque visit – Year 3


Dear Parents and Carers,


As you know, we always try to provide opportunities for pupils to enhance their learning across the curriculum.  Pupils have enjoyed visits linked to their learning in history and geography, and there are opportunities to visit places linked with other subjects.  Such visits are valuable in enhancing our school’s provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and in preparing pupils for life in modern Britain, with its increasingly diverse communities.


The children in Year 3 are currently studying Islam in RE.  We have therefore organised a visit to the Mosque for the year 3 children on Wednesday 18th October in the afternoonThis will be a fascinating opportunity for the pupils to get an insight into a modern community and meet some of the lovely people who live and work there.  We hope it will bring pupils’ learning to life and allow them to be curious about the faith and its practices.


At Whitehouse, RE is taught as an understanding of different religions and beliefs, from an unbiased perspective.  In our view it is an essential part of the curriculum which is becoming more and more important as British society becomes more diverse.  We feel strongly that pupils need a good understanding of different cultures in order to learn respect for others and practise the values of acceptance, respect and unity. 


The visit will take place within usual school time and normal school uniform should be worn. Your child will not need to take anything else with them on the day.   During the experience, your child may be asked to take off their shoes to enter the Mosque so please ensure that they are wearing clean socks.


The cost per child is a voluntary contribution of £4, which covers transport. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience RE ‘hands on’.


Please note consent and payment can be made via Arbor, or alternatively please complete the attached form and return to the office with payment.


Thank you for your continued support.



Kind Regards



Miss Swansborough, Miss Tempest and Mr Fox

Year 3 Teachers