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21-09-2022 - Year 6 - Use of AV1 Robot

21 September 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


You are receiving this letter as one of our Year 6 children is unwell and is planning to access some of their lessons through a robot called AV1. AV1 will enable your child’s classmate to partake in the vital education and social aspects of school from home or the hospital bed.


AV1 sits in the classroom in place of the child, and the child can then join in lessons by listening, watching the teacher, asking questions, and participating in discussions. The child will be operating AV1 from a phone or tablet, wherever they might be undergoing treatment or recovering.


AV1 transmits a live stream, from the AV1 to the AV1 users’ tablet. This means that no data is recorded. The live stream is end-to-end encrypted, meaning it is impossible for any external party to access the video/audio sent from the AV1.


It is not possible to record or screenshot when using the AV1 app.


Only one user can be connected to the AV1 at any time. The AV1 user must enter their unique code each time they wish to use their AV1. In addition, the AV1 user/their guardian are required to digitally accept terms and conditions, which state that only the AV1 user will be using the AV1.


These security features are in place to protect your child who may be in the same class as AV1, as well as the child who is not able to attend school. The normal safeguarding procedures operated to keep your child safe in school will continue to be applied.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours faithfully



Mrs A Hall