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08-03-2022 Year 5 - Kentwell Hall Visit

08th March 2022

Kentwell Hall Trip – Year 5


Dear Parents/Carers

We are writing to inform you about an exciting trip we have organised for year 5 next term, in connection with our History topic on the Tudors.  We have booked a Tudors re-creation day at Kentwell Hall on Tuesday 28th June where we will step back in time and meet all sorts of Historical characters dressed in costume, working and talking as they did in the past. 

Participation in costume adds greatly to the experience so we request that all children come dressed in a Tudor peasant costume.  Overleaf are some simple patterns, which may be helpful to you in finding or making an outfit.  Remember, the clothes are for a simple peasant, so please don’t hire or make anything too grand which your child may be worried about getting dirty or torn.  Please see your child’s class teacher if you have any difficulties with this.  Google images will also give some simple ideas for outfits.

Your child will also need to bring a cup or mug with a handle (plastic or metal if possible) which can be hung from their belt. There will be drinking fountains at various points throughout the day where children can help themselves to water. We appreciate that this may not be possible for all so a plain water bottle with removal lid will be fine.

We will be required to leave school at 08:30am promptly therefore children will need to arrive at the Marlow Road office at 8:15am and we will return by approximately 3:15pm.  Your child will require a packed lunch, drink (NO GLASS BOTTLES OR FIZZY DRINKS PLEASE) and a snack.  If your child is entitled to Free School Meals please indicate on the attached form if you would like us to provide a school packed lunch.  As we are due to arrive back later a few minutes than usual, please indicate on the slip below whether your child has permission to walk home alone. If we do not have a permission slip, your child will not be allowed to leave school without an adult.

The cost per child is a voluntary contribution of £20.00, which covers coach travel and admission. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience history ‘hands on’ and, we feel, well worth the cost.  You can pay the balance in two instalments of £10, with the first payment due by Friday 31st March and then the remainder by 13th May, or you may decide to pay the total cost altogether.  Please note the visit will be set up on the Arbor parent app and payment can be made online, alternative cash may be handed to the school office in an envelope with your child’s name and class written on the front. Please also return the attached consent form to the school office.



Thank you for your continued support.



Kind Regards


Mr Johnson, Mr Taylor, Mrs Gelling and Miss Waters

Year 5 Teachers