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25-05-2021 Whole School Film

Tuesday 25th May 2021


Whole School Film



Dear Parent/Carer,


As Headteacher I am immensely proud of our whole school community and would like to celebrate this by capturing the fantastic work that is happening in school by creating a school film. 


The film will be available on the school website and will provide our families with a window into school life and the opportunity to chat with the children about their school.  The film will also enable the families of new children starting at Whitehouse in the future to find out more about the vision and values we hold and key information, such as the size of the school. The film will celebrate the school’s many strengths and include the views of the children on how they feel about their school.


Filming will take place in school on Tuesday 8th June and will include filming in classrooms and interviews with children and staff.


If you do NOT want your child to be included in any photographs, film or publicity, please contact the school office by emailing or telephoning 01473 741249.


This is an exciting opportunity for us and we look forward to sharing the film with you before the end of term.


Thank you for your continued support.



Kind regards




Mrs A Hall