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09-05-2023 - Year 5 Parent/Carer Art Session

9th May 2023



Year 5 Parent/Carer Session - Art



Dear Parents/Carers,


The next enquiry unit for Year 5 is: How is climate change affecting this world?


As part of their Art lessons, the children will be designing and creating their own iceberg landscapes. After drawing the outlines of their landscapes, the children will be using pastels to add colour.


We would like to invite you to complete your own ‘Iceberg landscape’ alongside your child. (We will provide you with the outline for your landscape). This lesson will take place on Tuesday 16th May at 9:00am – 10:00am.  If you are able to attend can we please ask you to come to the Waterford Road car park entrance at 8.55am, so we can sign you in and take you to your child’s class.


To make sure that we have enough resources and prepared landscapes, please can you fill in and return the reply slip, that is attached, as soon as possible.


We hope to see lots of you there!



Kind regards,




Mrs Gelling, Miss Payne, Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Greggor

Year 5 Teachers




Child’s name:  ______________________________      Class:   ___________



I am able to come in for the Art lesson on Tuesday 16th May 2023



Signed by Parent/Carer _______________________   Date: ___________________